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All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming is a registered charity (1176640) in the UK offering free support and advice on the complex welfare needs of these birds. Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba Prairie Wildlife was founded by Lisa Tretiak and Sheila Smith; the first and second people in Canada, respectively, to be certified as wildlife rehabilitators by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. If you would like to see a specific animal there please contact us before Sunday so that we can be sure to include them in the event for you. None of the others are showing signs of illness but since I am unable to guarantee their health I will not be processing any adoptions until July 29th 2013. I apologize for any inconvenience. P.O. Once home their piggies liked it too much! That's where we come in, we offer a no questions asked drop off point for unwanted, neglected, or behaviorally challenged birds. It will be held at Pet Valu on Commissioners Rd (near Highbury) on Sunday November 13th 2016 from 2pm till 5pm. For the exact adoption fee of a particular animal please contact us using the contact us form. He arrived this past weekend here at the rescue after he was abandoned at the pet sitter's by his owners. Bird Rescue Information: Exotic tropical birds such as Parrots and Cockatiels, as well as Finches, Doves, Pigeons, and other varieties, are often kept in captivity as beautiful and interesting pets. Thank you very much for everyone who has made a donation recently. We are currently in need of foster or temporary homes for animals in need. Pictures and more details will be listed on the upcoming surrenders page of the website. London Animal Care Centre does not respond to healthy wildlife. We will have some of our adoptable animals there for you to see as well as be able to answer any questions about our rescue or upcoming animals on our waiting list. Bidding starts Monday Oct 30th ends Friday Nov 3rd. Local Rescue Organizations * Loving Friends Bird Rescue: Take in birds in need of a temporary shelter due to financial changes, abuse, neglect or lack of interest in London, Ontario. However, it’s actually the second location for this wildlife rescue — the first operates just outside of London, Ontario. Ilford bird rescue and rehoming, a non profit bird rescue based in Ilford with years of experience handling all kinds of birds. Rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and education. Telephone: 519.685.1330 We will be at the Hyde Park and Fanshawe Park Rd location from noon till 3pm on Sunday May 15th. A supportive rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming service available across the UK. Come on out and say hello - we would love to see you there. Delivery is available in the London area for a small fee. The event is located in Pet Valu at Hyde Park and Fanshawe Park Rd going from 12pm till 3pm. Birds didn’t have a place, did they? This is a new endeavor on my part but I hope that it is something that you will all enjoy. Please if you have a cage that you are no longer using please consider donating it to an animal in need or better yet make an addition to the family and adopt one of these beautiful creatures. All of the other guinea pigs have been thoroughly rechecked, bathed with tea tree oil shampoo and closely monitored this past week. In all this excitement though we want to make note of a few simple safety reminders. These animals are very shy and timid as they have been neglected for an unknown amount of time. I look forward to talking to you there. We believe every dog is … Welcome to Birdline.CA! This home based rescue was started in 2011 when, as I was searching for a new family pet, I came across the hard truth that their are lots of animals out there with no where to go. Have a great weekend. The following fact sheets have been provided by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) , Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, Ministry of Natural Resources, Middlesex London Health Unit and Canadian Wildlife Federation, The Humane Society of the United States, and the Backyard Habitat Program and may assist you with your human-wildlife issue. I will be bringing two male guinea pigs that will have come in just the night before as well as two cockatiels - Vanilla and Prince. Bird Rescue And Rehoming. Currently Alvin is the only adoptable that we are planning to bring with us but we would be happy to include any one else as well as process all the paper work prior to Sunday if you would like to make arrangements to see someone or have things in place to finalize an adoption. If you would like to meet a specific animal please contact me by Friday afternoon with your request so that I can be sure to get them ready to bring along. I tried to contact you earlier this weekend but unfortunately your email keeps coming back as a failed delivery. She will still have quite the road to recovery ahead as all the hair will have to have a chance to grow back in but so far so good. I am attempting to get back in touch with everybody along with alternatives but lining them up is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Working in close partnership with Veterinarian Doctor Wendy Korver Bowmanville Veterinary Hospital, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada to provide the very best of care and rehabilitation to Parrots in need.

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