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This is the sound a cow makes when she is ready to breed. This tactic can work in high traffic areas with lots of hunting pressure. If you want a bull to get excited about a lonely cow that is ready to be bred, you need to play the part. After 35 minutes of one sequence I threw in a quiet chuckle (a bull talking to cows). This is one of the easiest styles of cow calls to learn and master. You have to call a lot and often because elk call a lot and often. And Wytex, I was thinking about getting a hold of a biologist in the area to get a general idea of the elk wintering patterns. Steve Chappell has been successfully guiding elk hunters for over 20 years. Greetings: I have a cow tag for Roosevelt Elk in Oregon during the month of January. A nearby bull did a quiet squeal and walked in. True, it’s much easier to put your scope on a cow elk than a 6-point bull, and the success rate for cow elk hunters is high. His new Heart Breaker call has a machined aluminum barrel with wide sound board and reed. DelHomme recommends cow calling, and then sitting and waiting 20 minutes to see if anything comes in. Learn how to use the Primos On the double elk call. Elk Hunting Quickview Best Seller Primos Rut Roar Grunt Call . This is one of our newest designs, and we have seen incredible results! But hunting cow elk poses some interesting difficulties that you won’t encounter while hunting bulls, and if you’re not careful, you can get yourself into a … Guys aren't paying me to run their ass up the hill and intercept elk; they're paying me to call elk in. (I drew, but got no shot.) This elk call is also known as a cow elk in heat. Late season Cow elk and Bull Elk even respond to blind calling. Elk are herd animals and extremely social, so if Phelps is in an area with a ton of fresh sign, he may just sit in one spot and start cow calling without hearing from any other elk. Cow Elk in Estrus. This almost sounds like a “whine” as the call is carried on for longer the typical cow elk sound. Learn how to use the Primos Timberline closed reed cow call. Archery shops in elk-hunting states carry large selections of calls. An Elk reel can save your hunt this time of year and it has been proven to call in Cow elk in all hunting seasons. December or January is prime cow hunting time and even in the snow our calls don’t stick and don’t fail. Cow call – Cow elk make many different sounds, but the main ones to imitate in order to attract elk are Cow and Calf mews, and Cow in Estrus Cow and Calf Mew – This elk call is the most common heard in the woods, and should be a standard for any elk hunter. I'll have to look up calling cow elk in, is it similar to calling whitetail does in with a fawn in distress call? His countless hours of scouting, learning elk behavior and guiding have given Steve an insight on unique tones and sounds of cow/ calf vocalizations. Cow calls can attract bulls and cows. You need to snap twigs, knock a stick against a tree trunk, stir around in some leaves, and splash in water. At the peak of the rut, imitating this call can drive a bull crazy. "A lot of guys go in timid. Thanks, in advance, OD. The third week of September I started focusing on "cold calls" in areas that I knew held elk. Elk are naturally gregarious, noisy animals, and if they hear an unfamiliar bugle or cow call accompanied by eerie silence, they will be suspicious. “Elk aren’t as conditioned to cow calls, and there are lots of great cow calls on the market,” he said. Give them a cold call. The big man who calls in up to 70 bulls a year says, "I stay on the calls. Late season is just another prime time when to use elk calls. I used cow herd talk mainly, with some louder pleading cow calls along with some estrus sounds. You've got to convince those elk that you are another group of elk." I was wondering if anyone has been successful using cow or calf talk, or even cow or calf distress calls to successfully bring cow elk in from a distance (during a non-rut period.). But this is where the real psychology of elk calling comes in….it’s not necessarily what you say (the cow call or the bugle) that will elicit the response from him – it’s how you say it.

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