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We will be starting to offer birds for sale in 2019. Ancona’s are a flightless duck, so they don't migrate. Our exclusive and rare duckling selection gives you access to quality ducks. Raising Rare Duck Breeds Ancona Ducks are considered rare (critical status) by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC). Ancona Ducks . Some people spell it Anacona or Anaconda. We offer a wide selection of day old ducks and adult duck pairs, safely shipped anywhere in the United States with our safe arrival guarantee!Browse a wide selection of Ducks for Sale to include: Pekin Ducks, Mallard Ducks, Rouen Ducks, Cayuga Ducks, Indian Runner Ducks, and Khaki Campbell Ducks.We also offer the option to select your duck gender when ordering your … plus … Ducks For Sale Metzer Farms has over 15 breeds of baby ducks for sale and we ship year round. Hatching ducklings monthly during spring and summer months. This breed originated in America. Ancona Ducks. Anconas are excellent white egg layers, generally non-setters, are heat tolerant and have a good disposition. Please contact us directly to find out what we have available and prices. In 2000 ALBC's census of domestic waterfowl in North America found only 128 breeding Ancona ducks. Anconas are a dual purpose breed. The breed is from the Mediterranean Class, originating from the area around Ancona, Italy. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please confirm events are happening with organizers before attending. It is an excellent layer, typically laying 210-280 white, cream, or blue eggs yearly. we are america’s industry-leading hatchery, offering more than 160 breeds of poultry including: chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, and game birds. The Ancona is a hardy, adaptable, all-purpose duck. Ancona Ducks *2020 Covid 19 Update* Shipping of Ancona hatching eggs continues. We started our flock of Ancona Ducks in 2013. Ancona have large and very hardy legs and feet compared to lighter ducks, giving them improved foraging ability on rugged or heavily wooded property. Ancona ducks are a lively bird to raise. Due to social distancing, no duckling sales/farm pickups until further notice. They are pleasant, calm and excellent layers. The Ancona also grows relatively quickly, and produces high quality meat that is more flavorful and less fatty than that of most Pekin ducks. Eggs are $50 per dozen. With our two bird minimum order and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you will not be disappointed ordering from North America's favorite duck and goose hatchery. We breed Elite Indian Runner, Welsh Harlequin, Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Dutch Hookbill, Spotted Call, Mini Golden Cascade, Standard Golden Cascade, Aylesbury and Ancona ducks. We collected birds from 4 different locations to start our breeding flock. Our duck breeds range from Mallard and Rouen ducklings to Black Runners, Magpie, Khaki Campbell ducklings, and many other types. We also breed Giant Dewlap Toulouse, American Blue/Lavender, Brown … They were introduced to the United States from England in the late 1800s. Anconas are beautiful black chickens mottled with white tips. Ancona Ducks in Blue, Black, Buff and Chocolate. Occasionally have breeding stock for sale. We also offer a duckling assortment, which comes with a hatchery choice of three different breeds.

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